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Less stress, guaranteed.

Estate sale services


We understand.

Putting a monetary value on things that hold real memories is extremely overwhelming for most people.

That’s why we're all about making your life easier. We offer free assessment, and tailored solutions. Even if you feel your estate maybe too small for an estate sale, we offer an array of options that others do not.

We genuinely want to help. We have seen many types of situations, and we never judge.

Call or txt today 602-805-5040


We are skilled at valuing items and have a team of experts with specialities such as Asian porcelain and original paintings. From furniture to  jewelry, bronze sculptures, original works of art, porcelain, sterling silver items and more, we can't wait to help you discover the value. Our main goal is to get you the best price, and we make sure not a single item slips through the cracks.


Every spoon counts…

We carefully photograph your entire estate and provide estimated values on the more valuable items. From there, let us know what you would like to keep in the family. 

We never want to sell anything you don’t want to sell. From start to finish, we make the process easy and as stress free as possible. Getting you the highest possible fair market value is always our goal.

How we sell


Estate Sales

We are an estate sale company built for this era. That's why our marketing is some of the most extensive in the industry and includes paid websites like, craigslist, paid boosted facebook marketplace ads as well as our loyal customer email database.

We work hard to set each sale up as a curated treasure hunt and stage items as much as possible. We aim to create a quality retail feel including white table clothes.


In the end, we usually expect over 200 groups to show up in one day and over 80% will typically leave with multiple items.


Pop-up Estate Sale Event

Not every one can do an estate sale in the home where the items reside. Or, some estates are simply not large enough to warrant an entire sale, but contain a selection of valuable items that still need to be sold.

That's where our off-site estate sale super event comes in.

With our periodic, and highly advertised multi-estate sale pop-up events, we can see upwards of 1000 people in a day!


Online Auctions

For rare, antique or collectable items, we offer world wide exposure through our online store and auctions.  We have a professional warehouse operation for processing, marketing, shipping your most valuable items. We are experts in antiques and have a vast network of specialists in art, porcelain, books andx more.


 Our online store maintains a 5 Star review average and only sell quality, authentic antiques and art (no low value items). This helps us get higher prices for your rare items.


910 W Carver Rd. Tempe AZ 85284

(602) 805-5040

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